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Qatar visa on arrival for Indians

Probalby bit late but Qatar has joined as a new country which now provides visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. The service has also been extended to China and Russia.

There are two categories of countries that do not need to obtain visa before they land in Qatar – in the first category Qatar currently has 34 countries whose citizens do not have to pre-apply for a tourist visa. Citizens of these countries can obtain a visa on arrival. All they ned to produce is a valid passport, sufficient money to cover the visit, and an onward return jouney ticket for the visa. The visa on arrival can be a single or multiple entry.

List of countries whose citizens can obtain visa on arrival in Qatar

Qatar has recently been involved in a bitter relationship with its neighbours and the move to ease the visa process is seen as an attempt to boost its tourism. 

The second group whose nationals can apply for a visa on arrival currently has 46 contries. The passport holders of these countries can obtain a visa on arrival in Qatar as well. The only difference is that countries in this group can only apply a Qatari visa on arrival for 30 days, however the visa can be extended for further 30 days if needed. India falls in this category.

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Once landed in Qatar, the visa can be had in the airport from the immigration official. The visa fee is currently QAR100 which roughly Indian ₹1760, or British £37.45. The fee can be paid by a credit or debit card.

The documents you will need would a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time you apply for the visa. A credit or debit card to pay for the fee, and a retun ticket for your onward journey. For further information visit Qatar Ministry of Tourism.

Visitors also have the options to apply online for their visas before travelling to Qatar. Further information can be found HERE.

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