Are you an Indian student going to the UK for further studies? This guide is a mere attempt to tell you what it is like to live work and study in the UK.

Most of the Indian restaurans are not actually Indian: Yes that’s right. If you are ever out and about and fancy a curry, the Indian restaurant you just saw may probably be not an Indian but a Bangladeshi, Nepalese, or Pakistani. The truth is exept in a few places, most of such restuarnats are actually not owned by Indians however it is quite common to name it or brand it as Indian. Reason: Due to the popularity of Indian food.

United Kingdom means four countries: The UK is made up of four countries namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and all these countries have their own parliments, and currencies (execpt Wales).

To work in the UK you will need a Social Security Number which you would need to apply if you have the permission to work here.

Tax for everything: You will pay tax on your salary, tax to drive your car, and tax for anything you buy.

Cars are cheap: you can buy a road worthy, ok looking car for a few hundered pounds.

Food is not expensive: Because its proximity to other European countries, daily food items and fruit are not as expensive and a single person can survive for a month with £100 groceries.

They have lots of accents: The UK is probably the only country in the world where accents can differ so much given the size of the country. And regardless how good your English is, you would need some time for your ears to adjust to them.

Continuous service: Water, gas and electricity very very rarely get interrupped supply. The utilities are avaialbe all the time.

You can drive with your Indian Driving licence: Indian driving licence is valid for a year to drive in the UK from the date of your arrival in the UK. After that you will need to pass the theory and practical test. Link

If you are coming as a student: make sure that the institution that you have chosen to study in is an approved one, as failure to do this may jeopardise your study visa and you might be turned away from the airport – not to mention the fee you may have paid.

Working as a student: To be able to work the institution you are studying with has to be listed in BOTH the official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of ‘recognised bodies’. If this the case then you can work up to 20 hours a week during your term time and full time during the holidays.

The minimum wage: As the time of writing the minimum wage is £7.20.

If you only work 20 hours a week then that should be enough for you to survive outside London provided you live in

shared accomodation and cook yourself.

Manual jobs are expensive if you need to hire someone. If you are know how to fix a leaking taps etc, that will come handy.

Public transport is well connected but expensive.

Most unversity will offer you accommodation however you may find cheaper accommodation by sharing a house however when evaluating which options to go for, make sure you factor in other expanses such as transportation to your uni. which might push up the total price of renting away from the uni.

If you applied for a bank account and were unsuccessful, then try a different one. There are 5-6 major banks and a few other building societies (smaller banks), you might find one that accepts your application.

Your Indian mobile phone will work fine in the UK and there is a good chance that your mobile network provider will work too. You may have to pay very expensive tariff receving or making calls on your Indian network service though.

You call everybody by their first names including your teachers and bosses.